Capsule's SMS lets cell phones or personal computers send and receive text messages allowing the SMS users to
stay connected and informed. In addition, customers will have the lastest information on business such as stock
indexes and news from all around the world, having convenient access to information communication will help you stay informed and make the best decisions.

/// Points prices example in the SMS service ///

Oftenly we offer discounts and bonus points to our customers. Our service is charged per usage. The prices for the points are established in USD.

Read received message: 30 point
Write message on the board: 20 points
Send out a message : 30 points

/// How to purchase the Points ///

/// Buy Points ///

300points $30
550points(50Points BONUS!) $50
1100points(100Points BONUS!) $100
3500points(500Points BONUS!) $300
12000points(2000Points BONUS!) $1000